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Put it Away

I hate clutter. Hate it. I can’t work in a messy room or at a desk that’s a jumble of papers and odds and ends. It’s so distracting. That’s why I’m a bit of a fan of storage solutions. Fancy boxes, pencil tubs, magazine boxes and those teeny tiny drawers that, let’s face it, don’t fit much inside – I have them all. And I’m always on the look out for more.

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Valentine’s Day

I don’t like Valentine’s Day. There, I’ve said it. It’s not the romance that I have a problem with. It’s the whole contrived nature of the day. I don’t like to be told that I have to be romantic on this day or that day. For me love and[.....]

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Makers Online

All of the above are available to buy from Makers Online, a new portal championing designer / makers. There are no joining or listing fees; a small commission is taken on each purchase. Therefore, you don’t start paying until you make a sale.
Products are displayed prominently rather then being buried[.....]

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Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

I love the texture of these ceramics. They are made by Cynthia Vardhan using a fine translucent porcelain which she formulates herself. Hold them up to a lamp and you can see the light shining through them. The colourful slip is applied through a needle-like tool in a precise and clean[.....]

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Penny Spooner Ceramics

Over the weekend I walked through the house from room to room and wondered when everything had become so tired looking. Not dated exactly, but it certainly needs some attention. Before I got married I was addicted to bridal magazines. Now it’s interiors mags and blogs. And writing about design[.....]

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Julia Davey

It was the butterflies that drew me to Julia Davey’s work. It’s such an unusual and contemporary way of looking at a Victorian concept. The semi porcelain butterfly wings are decorated with hand drawn transfers of cyclamen, seeds and tulips. They have the fragile, almost papery quality of their living counterparts.

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Much in a Little

Isn’t it difficult to find handmade gifts for men? Do you think so too? Women, kids and babies – no problem at all. But when it comes to men, not so easy.
These cuff links from Much in a Little make great gifts. They’re ’small in scale, large in[.....]

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Pepe and Friends – Now in Mugs

Remember Pepe and Friends? The rather dapper range of tableware from Vinila? Well they’re back and this time in the form of jaunty mugs. Cheer up the office brew with Gogo the reformed fighter or heart breaker Otto. Each perfectly formed porcelain cup is a collaboration of Vinila design and[.....]

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