Ici C’est Paname

Friday, March 16th, 2012 at 11:22 am
Posted by Jenny Hudson

Ici C'est Paname T-shirt

This Ici C’est Paname t-shirt is a collaboration between French label Bleu de Paname and the artist Tyrsa to celebrate Paris. I didn’t know this before but ‘Paname’ is the word for Paris in French slang or argot.

The creators have put together a short film recorded in Paris in Tyrsa’s studio and the Bleu de Paname Atelier where you can follow both the design and production process. And checkout their premises. I love the old index drawers and their workstations. Paris makes everything beautiful, even the pigeons.


The t-shirt is available to pre-order now at www.centrecommercial.cc/en. Shipping will begin on their launch day of 22 March.

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